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Welcome to Cats.PT

Hello and welcome on the site Cats.pt.

This domain is available for sale and can be purchased by anyone who wish and can use this domain. Cats.pt could be used in many ways, depending on the wishes of its new owner.

The history of Cats.pt shows that this domain was reserved for the first time in 1997. Then it has been registered from and Internet broadcasting company in Portugal, named CATS. The purpose of the site was to inform the users about the activities, the different promotions, offered by the company and of course about all the news related to the the Portuguese Internet provider. The domain has been used for several years for that purpose, but later had been sold to a new owner.

After the selling the domain cats.pt started to inform about the musical and poetic preferences of its new owner. Cats.pt was kept with this owner until 2011.

The domain has a good base of backlinks, linking to it with different anchors which makes it ideal for achieving different goals connected with the ranking for certain keywords.

If you want to buy Cats.Pt do not hesitate to contact us. We will respond you immediately.